Heaven knows I'm miserable now

Space oddity

Truth doesn't make a noise

I can't wait, I want to do it now (our sins will never be as cruel as our music)

Imorgon (fredag) ska jag troligtvis till Norrköping och hälsa på min bästa vän Casandra. Hon är underbar.

She won't move cause I'm holding her head. She's lost, bye, bye, bye, just the thought fills my heart with pink frost - what can I do if she's lost?


Let's rave on

Mellow my mind with the sweet scents of the night and the sight of alcoholic old men sitting on benches with nowhere to go but into their drunk, confused minds

I went gold when I saw your smiling face, and my people behind me all did the same

Mando Diao – Gold

Travel with your mind

Some kind of weird notion


Our armor

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